A New Way to Get Car Insurance Quotes in San Jose

October 21, 2013

Insurers rely on various vehicle details when providing free car insurance quotes. Important considerations include car safety features, vehicle recovery systems in case of theft, and theft rates for specific models. Most drivers get car insurance quotes in San Jose by contacting insurers directly or using online quote services.Now, an auto parts company is offering customers online access to their database of insurers.

Who Can Use It:

Auto Pros USA designed their database for used car owners looking for cheap car insurance quotes California (CA) insurers offer to drivers. However, it is open to all car owners who want to compare quotes from major insurers. Drivers across the country can use the service for free when they want to purchase a new policy.

What This Means for Drivers:

More auto-related companies are likely to be offering similar resources to drivers seeking affordable car insurance quotes in San Jose. It opens up opportunities for drivers who want creative ways to find the best coverage at the lowest rates possible. Drivers will have more choices when they need free car insurance quotes. Only time will tell if drivers are comfortable buying insurance on a site that does not specialize in insurance.